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Was instrumental in teaching me coping skills to help me deal with life issues without getting high. Thanks to her and the staff, I am 18 months clean.

John B.

RCWs were always there when I needed something and went above and beyond at times

Jack G.

Whitney was very easy to talk with and connect with. I felt like I could be open and honest with her. She was willing to go the "extra mile" to help me and to help me recognize my problems and how to fix them.


Nakesha was very helpful. she was a little hard on me at times but I know it was just because she cared for me


I think the one on one counseling and being able to attend different functions offsite were vital to my recovery. I was able to see how people in recovery are able to continue a healthy lifestyle.


Shlanda is the best. I'm not sure where I would be in my sobriety if she hadn't been there to help me during my stay at The Pines.

Jack K.

RCW’s were always available to talk, every member of the staff made you feel at home


All groups and classes were beneficial, but that ones I was impacted most by was Keenyn's groups because I feel he truly identifies himself with us and he teaches us in a way that we understand. Small group and music were good for me also because these let me experiences feelings in a controlled environment. One on one with Shlanda has also been very beneficial because I felt safe and free to say anything without judgement.

Cynthia S.

Very helpful in getting down to the bottom of my issues concerning why I was in addiction and other things I have issues with. Also helped me to get my mindset to a whole new perspective and understanding on life. Thanks Keke.


Chiquita is the most amazing and helpful RCW here at Cady Hills, Ashley was also very helpful and wonderful as well, Mrs Sarah is a great cook and is also very attentive..Bridgett is loved as well!! Mrs. T, although she only works weekends she still left her mark on my heart.

Brittany B.

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